The Resilience Breakthrough Part 4

baby seal

Resilience is innate.  However, it must be discovered, explored, and/or developed. Absent challenges, adversity, etc., resilience cannot be realized, demonstrated, nor illustrated.  Derek Irvin


One evening, I had been reading the book, The Resilience Breakthrough.  Thus my shared thoughts above surrounding – resilience.  Then later that night, prior to bed, I was watching Animal Planet. This segment was about seals.  There was a baby seal that was newly born.  Not long after its birth, the mother quickly jumped into and swam far out into the sea for food according to the narrator.  The baby seal was “fearful” of swimming. He was fearful of getting in the water.  At first it just dipped its head in and looked around under water.  It was the cutest sight.  

Eventually it FELL in.  At that point, it was life or death, the baby seal had to swim – although clumsily.  It splashed and made lots of noises.  There was a male bull seal that seemed to be perturbed by this little baby seal.  The large bull bit the little baby.  Several times, the pull picked up the baby by the neck and or the fin and slung the little baby around the sea like a rag doll.  At one point I thought the bull seal was trying to drown the lil’ guy.  You could  hear the baby seal swallowing large gulps of the sea.  Eventually, the baby seal got away. Weary and worn, the baby seal made its way to the shore near some rocks. The rocks were slippery, so much so that  the baby seal had a difficult time climbing atop the rocks.  Pull, slip, pull slip and it fell right back into the sea.  It was a pitiful sight.  It became exhausted.  I thought it would surely drown. However, finally, it made it atop the rocks.  There the baby rested.

This sight to me was a demonstration of resilience. We all have it within ourselves to overcome any challenge.  The wherewithal to stay afloat and not drown lies somewhere deep within us.  It is when we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, pain, disappointment, or tragedy that resilience is demonstrated. Here’s a video that attempts to demonstrate my point; it’s not what I saw last night, but you should get the point.  CLICK: Baby Seal Swimming.  Period, Case-Closed!


The Resilience Breakthrough, Part 3

Resilience BreakthroughResiliency is the ability to bounce back when you have every reason to shut down – but you fight on! – Christian Moore, LCSW

Commentary  (Repost from June 2016):

I am reading this book for a potential project in the program for which I am employed.  Recently, I read a public Facebook post on June 26th, 2016, 7:33am, by my second mother.  Her husband went to school with my mother.  She shared a number of challenges that speak to the reason many would shut down:  The lost of two children (her oldest daughter and her only son), then a car wreck that included her other children, the loss of a father, surviving breast cancer, blood clots in both lungs, then her baby too experienced blood clots in both lungs and through all this she eventually graduated from college. When I read the definition of resiliency above, I had to stop to publish my thoughts as I immediately thought of her.  She has absolutely demonstrated resiliency.  She is the epitome of resiliency. Period, Case-Closed!

The Resilience Breakthrough, Part 2

Resilience BreakthroughThere is an honor in pressing through even the worst of circumstances, and this is because of one of life’s most important truths:  Pain channeled in a positive direction is the greatest thing than can happen to you. – Christian Moore, LSCW


I can not put this book down when I first started reading it last year.  My thoughts surrounding this quote moved me immediately to the horrific events near Baton Rouge, LA, near St. Paul, MN, and in Dallas, TX. Now, like then is the opportune moment for Law Enforcement agencies and communities around this nation to really take a deep look at these heinously, bloodcurdling – repulsive incidents and admit that we have a problem, in Louisiana, in Minnesota, in Dallas – in America!  We have to fix it and the only way to fix it is to press through it (the fear, the racism, etc.) and be honest and admit that we have a problem.  It does not matter what side you are on.  We have a problem with our Christian, Muslim, Atheist selves.  We have a problem!  – Period, Case-Closed!

The Resilience Breakthrough, Part 1

Resilience Breakthrough

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when you have every reason to shut down, but you fight on!  Resilient people have both tapped and untapped reserves, enabling them to overcome and thrive as they face the setbacks, challenges, and fears of daily life. – Christian Moore, LCSW


I read the “Resilience Break-Through” a year ago.  Christian has a most inspiring story, a student who had severe learning differences (disabilities), i.e. ADHD.  It is a good read and I recommend it.  – Period, Case-Closed!